How much does aAa® cost?

The cost for aAa® is a one-time fee of $6 USD or €6 (or local equivalent) per cow or heifer for three aAa® numbers ($3 or €3 per cow plus $1 or €1 per aAa® number). Volume discounts are available when 100 animals or more are analyzed during a single analyzer visit. Once analyzed, a cow’s aAa® numbers can be used for her entire life and may be reviewed at any time free of charge. When an animal is analyzed as a heifer, many breeders like to review her aAa® numbers after her first calving when her body and udder have reached maturity. Analyzers may also charge a small fee to cover the cost of travel depending on the customer’s location.

The cost for aAa® analysis of farm bulls is $50 or €50 (or local equivalent) for three aAa® numbers and $70 or €70 for six aAa® numbers ($20 or €20 per bull and $10 or €10 per aAa® number). For analysis of AI bulls, please contact the aAa® office.

No special preparation of animals is needed for analysis. Cows in any stage of lactation and heifers or bulls as young as ten months of age may be analyzed. It is optimal if the analyzer can view animals from all angles and on the move as well as standing still, but it is not required. Discussion with the individual analyzer is always recommended if there is any question about age, condition or location of animals to be analyzed.