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Sire the Need®

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aAa® Animal Analysis

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The aAa® dairy cattle breeding guide identifies qualities a cow needs in a mating and qualities a bull brings to a mating. This information helps dairy breeders create a herd of consistently balanced, well-functioning daughters. Founded by Bill Weeks in 1950, aAa® has analyzers around the world dedicated to helping dairy farmers.

Our Mission

We help dairy farmers breed healthy, productive, long-living, trouble-free cows.

Benefits of Using aAa®

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Better form leads to better function. Cows with balanced form are free from costly functional problems and can thrive in a variety of management systems.

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Imagine your favorite cow multiplied into an entire herd. Breeding for balance leads to consistent cows that are easier and more pleasurable to work with.

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More milk for size. Better feed efficiency. Greater longevity means fewer replacements needed.

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Balanced cows are free from time consuming problems that require special handling.

3 Simple Steps

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Have Your Cows Analyzed

Schedule a herd visit with an aAa® approved analyzer.

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Choose Your Bulls

Select high quality, analyzed bulls that fit your breeding goals.

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Sire The Need®

Match the aAa® numbers when choosing a bull for each cow.

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