The photo above shows aAa® and Weeks® approved analyzers from all over the world training at Mil-R-Mor Farm in October 2015. Who are these analyzers? Many of them were once dairy breeders themselves, doing everything they could to breed good cattle and still not satisfied with the results. Then an aAa® analyzer walked into their herd and changed the way they thought about breeding forever. They watched their herds improve and began to enjoy cows who lived longer, stayed healthier and were more profitable. Eventually, their passion led them to seek training as aAa® and Weeks® approved analyzers. aAa® has been around since 1950 because it works, year after year, in herd after herd, all over the world. We recognize that our aAa® and Weeks® approved analyzers are the lifeblood of our organization, and we are deeply grateful to them for their hard work and dedication to Bill Weeks’ simple concept – better form leads to better function.