Peter ClausenPeter Clausen operates a 300 cow dairy in the south of Denmark. aAa® has been used in the herd since 2001 with positive results. Peter says, “The use of aAa® may not protect cows from getting sick or having a bad day, but I notice that cows get on track quicker and easier than before aAa®.” The cull rate in Peter’s herd has been dropping over the years and is now stable around 25%. This is almost 20% lower than his cull-rate 7 years ago.

“Dairies are growing fast in Denmark and time per cow is getting less. The use of aAa® along with breeding values can help to make cows stronger and last longer,” says Peter. He continues, “I think aAa® will have the best impact when other things, such as feeding and cow-comfort are already of high standard. Dairymen who are taking good care of their cows, but still are frustrated about the longevity and quality of the herd, should consider using aAa® in their breeding program.”

Peter Clausen
Vejen, Denmark