About Us

The Weeks Corporation, a  Vermont S-corporation owned by Mary Weeks Dransfield and David Dransfield, owns and controls the registered service marks aAa® and Weeks®,  and all rights to them, which may only be used by Analyzers who are approved through continuous monitoring and testing to use the Animal Analysis method developed by W. A. Weeks to assign aAa® and Weeks® numbers to individual animals, to provide the service known as aAa® and Weeks® Animal Analysis.

aAa® and Weeks® Approved Analyzers provide aAa® Animal Analysis throughout North America, Australia and New Zealand, and Weeks®  Animal Analysis throughout Europe and in the U.S., for dairy breeders to use in their herds as an independent and unbiased dairy cattle breeding guide. AI semen marketing organizations worldwide purchase  aAa® and Weeks® Animal Analysis on their bulls, and publish this information so dairy producers can select bulls based on what their cows need.


aAa® Service Mark Registered:  U.S.:  #639,116, Canada:  #414,835, Mexico:  #520,071, Australia:  #1,372,853, New Zealand:  #827,504.

Weeks® Service Mark Registered:  European Community:  #1813120, U.S.:  #2,519,679.