Printable instructions in English are available for both Bull Central® and Perfect Match®. If you have questions about using these services, please email or call the aAa® office at 1-802-775-4980 for assistance.

The “aAa® User Manual and Study Guide” is a 24-page booklet containing most of the information found on this website as well tips for using Bull Central® and step-by-step instructions for using Perfect Match®. It is available free of charge from the aAa® office or from your analyzer.

The aAa® Method” is a 55-page booklet with full-color illustrations published by Willem van Laarhoven, a dairy consultant and owner of Valacon Dairy in the Netherlands. This technical booklet describes aAa® principles, use and results. The original Dutch edition as well as translations into Danish, English, French and German are available for a small charge from the aAa® office or from your analyzer.

Creating Balance Between Form & Function: The Story of aAa® Animal Analysis, Bill Weeks and Skyway Farm” by Philip Hasheider is a 280-page, soft-cover book with black and white illustrations and photos published in 2010. It contains a wealth of detailed information about the life and work of aAa® founder Bill Weeks. This book is available from the aAa® office for $40 postpaid in the U.S. (or $35 USD plus actual shipping cost outside the continental U.S.)

Follow us on Facebook at “Animal Analysis Associates – aAa®” or on Twitter @aAaWeeks. The aAa® & Weeks® User Forum is a private Facebook group where aAa® users and followers can discuss topics related to aAa® and dairy cattle breeding.